Top 10 Korean Webtoon Websites for Manga fans in 2021

Top 10 Korean Webtoon Websites for Manga fans in 2021

People are increasingly reading comic books online as a kind of pleasure. They pick comics because they are simple to read and enjoy anytime they have free time.  Currently, Korean Webtoon is one of the most accessible platforms and also the place to sell the most manga series. Those who are new to the online comic and are unfamiliar with Webtoons. So, the essay will summarize the necessary details for you.

History of Korean Webtoon

Do you know the Manhwa ? Manhwa is the original Korean Comics before webtoons was born.In addition to successful dramas, Korea has a highly popular “specialty” in webtoons. It is an online story genre that is a cross between comic books and cartoons. The webtoon genre began in Korea and has spread to the rest of the globe by 2014.

Rich and diversified content in different genres such as humor, romance, horror, criminal psychology, and so on is why webtoons are so popular.

The majority of webtoons are long-form. It allows users to see content on tablets or phones easily. Some webtoons feature animations as well as live sound effects. Many experts believe that webtoons will surpass manga and dominate the manga market shortly.

Types of Korean Webtoons
Korean manhwa always give readers great experiences. They provide different genres so that readers can explore and find the genres of stories that they love the most. Here are a few of the main genres that Korean Webtoon often uses.
The first is the fantasy genre, which stems from a vivid imagination, from magic to dream realms and even fairy tales. This genre is ideal for individuals who enjoy supernatural figures and aspire to be superheroes. Furthermore, this genre encourages readers to use their imaginations, even imagining themselves as characters in the plot.

The romance theme is essential in every comic industry, and Korean Webtoons are no exception. If you love beauty, the sensitivity of a partner, or have beautiful love stories, so this genre is for you. Despite its mild nature, this genre always leaves a message in the reader’s heart. The True Beauty series, which has been made into a film and is well received by the audience, is typical of this genre.Or you like detective stories, actions like flying, dancing, then the supernatural and horror genres will suit you. This genre leaves you feeling dreamy, and you always feel like you are a superhero to save the world. It can be said to be a genre worth trying.

Another genre that many people choose is horror movies. Serial murders or shootings always attract thrill-seekers. Most of this genre will appeal to more men than women because men like the thrill.

Boys Love (BL) is one of the new genres brought into webtoon. If you don’t know what it is, it is a sort of narrative that speaks about a boy’s love story. Although this is a new issue, it receives a significant number of visitors every day.Try reading a few novels from each of these genres to see which one you prefer.

Why are Korean Webtoons popular?
Online comics are a “gold mine” for TV filmmakers in Korea. In addition, Korean online comics attract readers by their diverse content and genres, from romance and comedy to action and horror. Beautiful graphic images, compatible with the web interface, stories are often colored instead of black and white pictures like when publishing paper books.

In particular, with a unique drawing style, some Korean online comics use vivid sound and added animation to attract readers.
In addition, Korean webcomics can scroll down to a web-based screen optimized for mobile technology users, which is very comfortable to enjoy even long stories without getting tired of scrolling enlarge and shrink the screen like other types of comics.
In Korea, webcomics have become the most popular source for content on the small and big screens, with more than 250 series that have been adapted into big-screen movies and dramas.
You’ll need an internet connection if you’re keen to watch episodes ahead of time. Then you’ll be able to read high-quality comics whenever and wherever you choose. Korean webcomics’ basic characteristics and high-quality material are the secrets to their popularity.

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